Understanding the Principles Applied By Bitcoin

Digital currency is now a growing industry across the globe today. In 2009, the first digital currency was launched known as Bitcoin. It was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias whose identity has never been revealed even up to this point. The idea of Bitcoin is to produce decentralized currency, meaning it is not regulated by authorities and there’s no tax to be paid. It is best to know the principles applied by Bitcoin.

Many investors are clamoring over the release of Bitcoin considering it is an alternative currency. A single Bitcoin referred to as Satoshi can be divided up to the 8th decimal place giving traders the opportunity to purchase Bitcoin by parts.

To further understand how Bitcoin works, here are some of the principles applied by Bitcoin:

  • Security by anonymity. Investors are not required to submit their identity to maintain privacy. This aids in protecting the investors from potential threats in the future.
  • Independent currency. This means that bank system is eliminated; thus, you have personal control over your investment. You will not be paying any tax since it is not governed by the authorities.
  • Practicality at its finest. Money transfer and payments through banks or payment centers can be a hassle at times. With Bitcoin every transaction is happening in real time and does not take long hours before it will be posted.
  • Every transaction to go public. Making the transactions public is considerably fair enough when it comes to the relationship between makers and traders. Because of the principle of anonymity, everyone gets a fair opportunity in terms of purchasing Bitcoin unlike in the mainstream that political principle is applied.
  • Convertible to traditional currency. Bitcoin is considered an alternative currency because it can be exchanged to any monetary around the world.
  • Buy low and sell high principle. During the early years, Bitcoin costs are lower compared to its value today. Due to limited supply, there is an increase in the price. When you purchase Bitcoin during those years, you can sell it at high rate today.

Understanding the principles applied by Bitcoin will be your guide in making wise decision on investing your money.


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