Audit process for digital assets and cryptocurrencies is not an easy thing as there is no physical form of cryptocurrencies and obviously, they are not being hold by any central bank or regulatory authority. Instead, crypto coins belong to one person whose details are stored in a central ledger via blockchain technology and these details are accessible through public and private keys. In all these conditions and circumstances, it is not easier for audit firms and auditors to keep an eye on records and everything going on under any platform. Real time auditing was needed to be unlocked for digital currencies world and Auditchain has been designed and introduced with some leading-edge technologies to assist chartered accountants and auditors to track the record of what is happening in the world of digital currencies as we do realize the vital role of assets monitoring and financial tracking. Auditchain has brought with the opportunity of enjoying an ecosystem where your auditing will be controlled by a real-time auditing protocols and your financial report will be in your hands. This is how simple we work with you, for you for your trading, businesses and obviously, saving your revenue and returns. Our decentralized platform ensures the maximum and highly trustworthy external validation system for your satisfaction and running everything is the most fair and transparent way.

AUDT, our native crypto coin, has enabled us to turn our dream into reality as using this token will help you to get expert opinion and external validation of auditing reports. Let us have a look on how AUDT token will be transforming the way of auditing and real-time financial reporting.

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• Using AUDT token as a payment system, you can purchase a number of tools and get a wider range of services with our platform for your auditing firms.

• We are cheaper and reliable; AUDT tokens serve as main cryptocurrency for Auditchain system and ensures you with the maximum level of security and transparency by using and securing every details and data on blockchains. We take only a fraction of what you spare on traditional auditing and reporting services and this is how we claim to be different, unique and reliable.

• Auditing and reporting fee can be zero even if enterprises will be contributing actively with our system and revenue sharing subscription option is availed.

• AUDT token have brought “Premium Stakeholder Assurance” package through which highly trustworthy audit analysis is guaranteed and AUDT token holders will be benefitted additionally with our latest tools and services. Moreover, they will be having access towards a wide range of our experts and they can take experts opinion as well.


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